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Welcome to The Wyngate Senior Living Community

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Many people ask me how Wyngate is different? Hello, my name is Molly Elkins and I am the Residence Manager at Wyngate. Our community is located just outside of Huntington, in the small village of Barboursville. This village is very welcoming and many people know each other; Wyngate simply adds to the small hometown environment.

We pride ourselves in providing great care while maintaining a very homelike atmosphere. We let each of our residents know that they don't live in our community, we work in their home. Residents have their own private apartment at The Inn which gives them a sense of independence, yet allowing assistance to be readily available if needed.

Our resident driven Activities Program is the center of our environment. When we say "resident driven", it means our activities are determined by our residents' interest, not the other way around. Many residents say they can't decide what to do because there are so many fun activities and outings planned. Family members will sometimes call up to see if mom or dad have time for a visit because of the endless list of activities and entertainment The Wyngate provides.

Let's not forget the wonderful home-cooked meals; at The Wyngate we have several residents that have formed a garden club. Often times residents will pick vegetables out of the garden, clean them and bring them straight to the kitchen. Residents are welcomed to help in the kitchen, after all some of our residents cooked their whole life and still enjoy cooking.

The staff and residents at The Wyngate Senior Living Community invite you to visit our community and enjoy the relaxed, warm atmosphere.

Best Wishes,

Molly Elkins
Residence Manager

A residential alternative to a nursing home in Barboursville, WV