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Welcome to The Madison Senior Living Community

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Hello Friends - my name is Patty Castle, Residence Manager.

If you are looking for a new home and family for yourself or a loved one, we'd love to show you around!  When I first came to The Madison, I received a welcome I had never experienced before. The hospitality of country folks is like no other. I will try to put into words the story of this little country place that has such a big heart.

Most folks are surprised when they walk in our front door. "Not what I expected" is usually the comment. Our building is designed and decorated like a comfortable home, not like a hospital. The folks that live here have hired us to take care of them. We cook, clean, do laundry and take care of any of their personal care needs. They set the rules of the house and we follow them. We try to accommodate our resident's every request. In return, we get to spend our work day with some of the finest people in Madison County.

The combined experiences of this group could keep you in conversation for days with stories of when times were simple and history lessons on Madison County. On our country drive outings, they can tell you where everyone lives, who used to live there and how the new people don't keep the yard nice like their predecessor. They are a wealth of knowledge and wonderful story tellers.

The residents at The Madison Senior Living Community are as active as they want to be. Not only do we have bingo and cards, we plan regular trips to go bowling, out to the movie theatre, to the Casino or Zoo in Columbus, for a hay ride and many other trips that you don't expect to see a group of 85 year old folks doing.

So what makes The Madison Community so great? There is no question, it's the staff. This is the most caring group of people that we have ever known. We are all here because we love what we do.

I guess you can tell by my story that I love this little country place. The people who live here have made great contributions to Madison County in their lifetimes. It is a privilege to know them and be a part of their lives. If you can, come in and visit us at The Madison Senior Living Community. Company is always welcome here. We always have warm cookies and a cold glass of milk. You see, everyone gets a warm welcome just like I did the first time I walked in the door.


Patty Castle
Residence Manager

A residential alternative to a nursing home in London, OH