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Welcome to The Wyngate Senior Living Community

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Welcome to the Wyngate in Parkersburg!

From the moment the sun comes up until it goes down again, our Parkersburg community is a flurry of activity.

As you open the door of Wyngate you are greeted with welcoming smiles, hearty handshakes, sniffs and licks from our community dog and playful peeks peering around the corner from the cat, Marmalade. Inviting smells of homemade fresh baked cinnamon rolls fill the air and the cheerful chatter of residents, friends, family, and staff is a delightful welcome as you enter our cozy home.

Our days are filled with games, music, crafts, trips to the theater and shopping, excursions for cultural culinary experiences and Sunday drives over the countryside of Wood and Washington Counties. As the day wears down you will find our residents gathered in the dining room talking over the day's activities or reminiscing about days gone by.

We promote a homelike environment that provides as much or as little healthcare as our residents need, offering a comforting peace of mind for their families. With nurses on duty around the clock, the healthcare we provide is personalized and based upon the needs of each individual age, including security, socialization, companionship and comfort, that when all combined together, make for a life worth living.

Now that you know a bit about us, let us tell you about the heart of Wyngate. It is the relationships. The genuine care and concern of staff for residents, families, co-workers as well as residents for residents, families and staff. It's the camaraderie, the shared laughter and tears. It's the gentle hugs, the silent knowing looks and the unexpected smile. It's the exchange of "I love you's", "I missed you" and "We are so glad you're here." It is all indeed the HEART of Wyngate.

Stop by. Pull up a chair. Let your senses take over. Enjoy our cozy home and be embraced by the HEART of Wyngate.

Warm Wishes,

The Staff of The Wyngate

A residential alternative to a nursing home in Parkersburg, WV